Enhance Your Performance With Diamond Therapy Center in Diamond, IL

Sports Performance Enhancement Program

To perform at your best, and test the limits of what the human body and spirit can achieve, one must address motion, flexibility, strength, balance, coordination, endurance, mindset, nutrition, hydration, and your individual specific biomechanical faults. There's more to it than having strong muscles, good skills, and winning games. Every so often an athlete does something that the rest of the world didn't yet know was possible. They take whatever we thought were the “limits” of human performance and show that we haven't yet found the point beyond which we can go further. Athletes now approach sports with equipment and techniques that their predecessors didn't use, which is largely responsible for the impression that humans are still improving their performance capabilities. Learn how our program can help you improve your speed, efficiency, and more importantly, reduce your risk of an injury taking you out of your sport for an extended period of time. Every one of us has a structural fingerprint that is 100% unique.

Video analysis with state-of-the-art video and software technology

Utilizing a sophisticated motion analysis program, allows for the breakdown and analysis of any movement. Every individual has their own bio mechanical faults that inhibit them from achieving higher performance capabilities and their goals. Video analysis technology is widely used with Olympic and professional athletes and has allowed for breakthrough sports training applications. The software uses digital video graphics taken during the evaluation and allows for frame by frame analysis of your individual movement patterns. What was once unseen, will now be clearly seen.

Runner's Evaluation: Getting to the root of the problem

Over years of running, muscular imbalances may develop and an inefficient stride can develop. We often do not notice these changes, as they occur gradually. An injury can change the way you run as well. An inefficient running form will often lead to an overuse of one or more areas of the body leading to an injury. The runner's evaluation is a comprehensive whole body scan which will assess body alignment, flexibility, strength, balance, and running biomechanics including the use of digital video analysis. Running is a part of almost every sport, and identifying your biomechanical structure is important to evaluate and improve for every sport.

Professional Expertise

Athletes and individuals of all skill abilities can function at higher levels and raise their game by utilizing our systematic approach and scientifically-proven methods, diagnostic studies, an unsurpassed biomechanical evaluation. You will be evaluated by a highly trained Sports Physician, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Performance Enhancement Specialist, and complemented by a highly trained personal trainer in sports medicine. Whatever your age or skill level, we will utilize the information gained from the evaluation and analysis to develop quick-to-use methods and create a comprehensive personalized program to strengthen, stabilize your body, address your individualized risk factors, reduce your risk of injury, and raise/enhance your performance ability.
NOW is the best time in your life for you to learn your body structure and habits to determine many ways to enhance and improve your performance now and provide you a lifetime of enjoyment in all of your sporting and daily activities.