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Get Effective Pain Relief

At Diamond Therapy Center, we treat the cause of your pain, not just the symptoms. We use an integrative approach to maximize recovery, including chiropractic, physical and massage therapyas well as nutritional counseling, medical physician referralswhen appropriate, and obtaining proper diagnostic studies. As Diamond, IL's premier therapy center, we take the time to listen to our patients' needs and concerns. Each of our doctors and therapists are committed to providing quality care to our patients and providing customized treatment plans for each person's abilities, needs and goals.

The Key to Optimal Health

Early diagnosis and treatment of any injury is essential to an improved recovery and to help minimize detrimental effects that may occur, perhaps years later, if proper treatment is not initiated as soon as possible. These detrimental effects may include chronic illness, injury, pain, fatigue, fibromyalgia, and degenerative or arthritic conditions. Each of our doctors and therapists stay advanced in their treatment knowledge by attending numerous seminars throughout each year. This will help us provide better quality care to our patients and allow them to recover more quickly, return to their activities sooner, and to minimize their chances of a relapse of their condition.

Personalized Treatment

At Diamond Therapy Center, you have the option of receiving one of the proven treatment options, such as physical therapy, chiropractic therapy, massage therapy, or nutritional counseling to treat your condition. Or you may receive a combination of the treatment options that can provide even faster, more effective results. After an examination, a review of any diagnostic tests such as x-rays or MRI's, and an extensive consultation with one of our physicians, a customized treatment plan will be available to not only treat your symptoms, but to treat the cause of your pain and obtain your goals as soon as possible.
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Personalized Treatment

  • Biofreeze Lotion
  • CryoDerm Lotion
  • Custom-Made Foot Orthotics
  • Exercise Balls
  • Home Traction Units
  • Neck & Back Pillows
  • TENS Units
  • Vitamins & Supplements

Enjoy Your Life Again

If you are experiencing chronic pain, muscle tension, headaches or have sustained muscular-skeletal injuries that keep you from enjoying life, come to Diamond Therapy Center. We have an integrated team of health care professionals ready to help you on your road to recovery. Call to schedule your appointment today!